9 Ways to Break Social Norms

Ever since my sociology class, I love breaking social norms! It’s so gratifying when you can do something that’s always intimidated EVERYONE. I’ve always felt more powerful. Recently, I’ve noticed people who want to break social norms but are too afraid to. A lot of people associate breaking social norms with the apocalypse. It almost feels like they are trying to dive into a pool of killer jelly fish (man-o-war, anyone?). Don’t worry, breaking norms aren’t always negative. Here’s how you can do it every day and not traumatize yourself or other people.



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  1. Pete says:

    You want to really break with social norms…how about finding a remote shack in the wilderness about 65 miles from civilization, with no electricity, running water, phone, internet or television. Then spend say a decade living by yourself…I’d say that is definitely a break with the social norm.


    1. That would be a fantastic way to break a norm!! I’m sure that would be very empowering. Have you ever tried that?


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