11 Problems Extroverts Will Understand

GREAT NEWS! I just got recruited by a new lifestyle website called The Pucker Mob. I’ll be contributing articles there as well. Here is the link for the rest of this article, but go ahead and read the intro below! http://www.puckermob.com/moblog/11-problems-extroverts-will-understand



Thanks to the Myers-Briggs boom in recent years, introversion and extroversion have gotten increasing popularity and attention. With society’s new understanding of Introverts, they have gotten an image boost – no longer are people insulting introverts.

Instead, the world is picking up on a habit of insulting extroverts. Once in a business leadership class, we were separated into intros and extros. The professor asked the students whether they would want the other group to join their team for class projects. What surprised me was that although most extroverts didn’t mind introverts joining their team, an overwhelming number of introverts hated the idea.

When I asked them why, they gave me a list… I was floored by how little the introverts thought of extroverts. I’d like to take this moment and dispel some of those myths right now, as well as comfort those stereotyped extroverts and let them know they are not alone!



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