Nerd Culture: Theme Songs to Your Fantastical Life

Is the sunlight too bright for you? Do you know all your favorite conventions by date? Have you had a photo with your favorite fantasy tv show character at the meet and greet you went to last year? I think we know who you are. There’s always pizza boxes when you take out the trash. When a boy walks past you with his gaming headphones, you think he’s a keeper. When a girl stands by the comic series that you like, you try to make friends. It’s official, you are a nerd. Whether you like it or not, you are a part of a close knit family that speaks through headsets and may or may not have met each other. It doesn’t matter if you’re a part-time nerd or if you’re a sew-your-own-costume-to-the-convention nerd. Great things happen when you nerd.

This summer take a minute or two to embrace the nerd culture and rock out to these songs. The sad truth is that your spiderman undies cannot be shown in school and gaming systems are not pluggable at Starbucks. That’s why I’ve created a list that will satiate your cravings until the moment you can nerd again.

You could be a mad gamer type or a cute anime lover. Whatever the addiction, you need some theme songs for your fantastical life.

Fairy Tale Nerds
1. Indila – Danse
2. Ludovico Eunadi – Primavera
3. Two Steps From Hell – Nero
4. Avril Lavigne – How You Remind Me

Epic Nerds 
1. Danny Cocke – World Collapsing
2. E S Posthumus – Nara
3. Two Steps From Hell – All the King’s Horses
4. Jack Trammell – The Antagonist
5. Jesper Kyd – Ezio’s Family

Superhero Nerds
1. Song for Zula – Phosphorescent
2. Hans Zimmer – Mombasa
3. Walk off the Earth – Rule the World
4. Tilly and The Wall – Pot Kettle Black

Anime Nerds
1. One Ok Rock – Deeper Deeper
2. Utada – Sakura Nagashi

Dark Nerds
1. Survive – Omniverse
2. The Chemical Brothers – Container Park
3. Red – Let Go (Do me a solid and listen to this one until the end)
4. Hello – Evanescence (Throw back Song)

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