Travel the World With Me, Through Your Headphones

Every summer we dream of being a millionaire JUST so we can travel. We are the people that don’t care about Chanel wallets or Kate Spade purses—all we would spend money on are concerts of artists around the world. Our iTunes faithfully holds our favorite Brazilian acoustic playlists and Euro electro-pop mixes for every change of mood. We drool over the scenes in Pitch Perfect 2 where the girls are at an international acapella festival. I wanted to be an extra in it after watching the movie. And yes, subsequently I checked for any international acapella championships in the world, but no, so far one doesn’t exist. 

If only we could all pack a tent and hitchhike our way through some foreign country. Although we hate camping, we would definitely pitch a tent for a music festival. We would brave stinky, smelly, and sweat-soaked mosh pits to listen to Avicii live in Sweden or Corneille in France. Instead, the reality is that we have to stay at home because of work, money or other such nonsense; the only consolation being that we have Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Thank you, Internet.

With Google opening the way for visually stimulated people to travel vicariously through maps, it gave me an idea to extend that experience to other music wanderlusters.

Let’s Travel the World Together

The Hills Are Alive in Switzerland

There are a good number of official languages in Switzerland, so naturally, many people speak English. I didn’t want to include any English-speaking songs, but this one was a good one. It’s by Kadebostany and they are a five person band. The main singer Amina oddly reminds me of Adele—and not just because of the accent. They have a rather unique sound with random drum statements or the occasional peeking piano. They’re garnering attention around the world and can be predicted to become a staple in American playlists soon.

Artist: Kadebostany
Song: “Castle In the Snow”

Willkommen Germany Into Our Hearts

A fashion designer, a cartoonist, a rapper, and a panda all walk into a German bar, what happens? Cro walks out. This panda mask wearing rapper created a blend of rap and pop that he names ‘raop‘. I suppose if you look good wearing a panda mask you can create your own music genre. He comes off humble in his lyrics which is incredible considering his genre. While others sing of alcohol, money, and vaginas—Cro is very down to earth. Maybe it’s his mask that keeps his face hidden that keeps his ego in check. Either way, he gets a lot of respect from men AND women.

Artist: Cro
Song: “Einmal Um Die Welt”


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