It Starts with a Murder: Writing Prompt

Recently I’ve explored the crazy world of Reddit Writing Prompts. I’ve loved it more than I thought and since I love a good crime novel, here is my salute to the inspiring practice. Feel free to send me continuations. 



The residue of force lingered in room, swirling the patterns of fabric and dust into a perfect stillness of the man’s final moments. Onward, this room would be forever changed to a new world and the immaterial beings would breathe the dank stink of sorrow.

A pale figure was splayed on the wooden floor. The world was erasing Markham away, pigment by pigment, until the body was drained of all memories of life. The man was frozen in the unreachable holiness of murder. Soon the living would attempt the futile efforts to melt the finality of death. But for a time the body would rest in peace.


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